Benefits: Fresh food safe can

Considering the full nutrient balance and the health-promoting effect of beetroot or sauerkraut, which was already used as a natural and durable source of vitamin C in seafaring times, our products advance from good, honest, but somewhat dusty home cooking to regional superfoods with a sustainable ecological balance compared to the other exotics in this area, such as the South American acai berry and co.

Does fresh equal better?

The supposedly fresh vegetables on the market are only actually fresh during the respective harvest seasons. These usually last only a few weeks a year.

And the rest of the year?

We are supplied from the warehouses or from abroad.

This means that the beautifully presented goods have either been stored for months with a corresponding loss of nutrients.

Or it is imported from faraway countries, with legal requirements for production that we are not familiar with, and at great logistical expense - with a corresponding ecological balance.

In this case, the vegetables in the fresh can, which usually reach us from the field in just one day and are processed with great care and preserved using gentle methods, seem to be not only the more convenient but also often the better alternative.

Besides this aspect, the can scores with the following advantages:

  • HEALTHY >> Canned foods provide healthy enjoyment. They offer comparably high nutritional values as freshly prepared food.
  • SAFE >> Cans offer perfect protection without compromise - whether during transport, storage or on the market shelf.
  • DURABLE >> Cans preserve food and valuable nutrients for an extremely long time - but at least for three years.
  • NATURAL >> Cans preserve food naturally - without preservatives.
  • SUSTAINABLE >> Steel cans are recycling champions. They can be completely recycled - infinitely.

(Source reference: Initiative Lebensmitteldose:  "Fit for Food - Die Lebensmitteldose",

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